Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Enough

Alright google, I have sent you couple times to consider my request but had no good response, thanks for everything and I will leave this domain and erase it as soon as possible.

Thanks to be my partner for 3 months with this domain. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Low adsense earning

This blog still in google punishment, no traffic at all, you can not find this blog in google search except you bookmark this blog. My adsense earning decrease after this punishment, i'm still waiting google consider my request. I really really need this to re-index so i can start write again. I have talked about this with my friends and they told that this punishment came because bad grammar.

Yeah bro, i admit my english is worse than monster, i usually speak ini bahasa, not english but I always practice my english to be better in future, a man in google adsense forum also told me about this, the language! I know i can't speak fluently like british lol. But I try to make my readers understand what I mean, and as long as i run this blog, there was no matter at all with my english ability, i know they understood what i mean as i understood what they need.

I have no time for this de-index and very long reply from google staff, but if next moth still no reply, i think i'm gonna leave this domain and start the new one and waiting. I have lost time because it needs very long time to get full indexed by google and this is makes me so sad.

After get indexed, and i know it;s not gonna be easy to get ranked, and need more time to get ranked by google, and it will worse if my competitor attack again my blog. I still looking for solution to block all spam referrer linked to my blog. I have no idea who is put my blog's links to those spammy website. And when I started new domain i will make this secret, i know this is only about time before they will find and launch attack.

Okay google, this de-indexed has made me in lot of trouble, i just have this blog as my job that i got money from adsense, my earning isn't too much but it is enough for me. I don not know when you will reply and re-index this domain, but if you won't please send me email and tell me to throw this domain onto trash bin, so i will not waiting anymore. Thanks.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Still in jail

Two weeks in de-index jail makes this blog has no visitor at all, except from the referral spam from russia and ukraine, I do not know when Google will release this blog from his jail, this is driving me mad. I have never thinking that Google will punish my blogs, two years learning blog but still get this punishment.

I still don't get what is that mean pure spam, some people told me that i got punished because i buy backlink, hello? Buy backlink? Better I buy my food to my cat, i am not that crazy. Others said to me that perhaps i make so many backlinks in short time, i answer, i know what backlink is, and i know exactly how to build link without spam, you can check manually how many backlink on this site.

So what is the probability which makes this blog get de-indexed? And after more than one week i analyzed this blog, there are two probability why my blog get de-indexed.

1. Spam referral
I have no any idea where those visitor came from, some of them are porn site, as I remember, i have never put my link on those spammy site, so what is really going on? Why this is happening? My friend told me, perhaps my competitor attacked my site by destroying my SEO with that black SEO attack. I do not know is that true or not..

2. Bad English
Yes, i know my english is very very bad, so may be Google thought that my site is build by machine not human, so Google kick me out from his list. But bro, how the hell i bulid this site with machine? This blog is based from blogspot, and we already know that is many limitation in blogspot so we can not run any automation generated plugin here, the machine probability is zero percent true.

3. Expired Blogspot
This is the most probability why Google send me to his hell, last year i register this blogspot name, then i put my domain on it. It runs perfectly without any problem, until 3 weeks ago. I analyzed this blogspot and i found that this name was already register by someone, and she or he has deleted the blog, when this name already, it can be used to revive by other people. I do not know the history of the blog before, but I found so many web's linking to this blogspot i have already taken. So i'm sure this is why Google punish me, there is so many backlinks already linked when i set the domain here, then perhaps Google thinks that i make excessive backlinks or unnatural links. The solution is I have to change the name.

I'm still waiting Google wants to consider this and re-index my blog, i really really need this. I hope next Google will make an intellegence robot that can think like human think, so the bot will can make sure what is the real spam site or not. That's it, thanks for read

Friday, May 13, 2016

Easy driver printer to you all

Before google kick this blog from SERP, this blog is download niche blog with a mission to serve people to find printer driver they need easy and safe, I collect tons of driver download link from the official source, so the people can get it easy without having to browse hard, as we know many computer peripheral manufactures give the driver download link but sometimes is not easy to find.

So with those reasons I made this blog to give the people the driver they need with easy link and little review about the printers they use. I reviews more than 1500 printers from variant manufactures like canon, epson, HP, samsung and many more, i hope with this review and the drivers link will help the people to understand what they search and what they need for their printing use.

I'm an indonesian, i know i have very bad english, perhaps because my english is very bad so google thinks that my written just a complete gibberish, plus from last month before this blog get killed, there were huge of spam referral came from ukraine and russia, i do not know how to block it, some of them came from porn sites that harm my blog. I have told this in my re-consideration letter but i'm not sure google staff will trust me, they are only know that my blog is a spam blog :(

So I write this post to tell you all of the people who bookmark this blog to understand why this blog is getting killed by google. In other side 3 months a go this blog has been attacked from someone who steal content from this blog, he attacked this blog with adsense bomb click, i though he used a software to send me thousands of ads click, i know he tried to destroy my adsense earning. Luckly I report this to adsense staff and they saw what is really going, finnaly adsense staff help me to analyze the attack and they found thousands of invalid click.

The adsense trust me that i never click my own ads, because more than 2 years i have been with adsense without cheat. Then a friend helped me to find who is the attacker and good news he found it. The attacker is a man in same region with me, he is one of many my competitors. I contacted him and make a conversation via facebook and I found that he was angry to me because i reported his blog to his hosting owner then because that report, the hosting admin suspend 10 of his blog, that's why he attacked me.

I report his blog because his blog is an automated generated contents, a scrapper blog, his blog was stealing content from this blog, so of course i report that blog to hosting administrator because his activity can harm my blog. But now the scrapper blog begin many and many, they become smart day by day and can fool google engines, badly, google thinks the scrapper blog is the real blog then punish so many innocents blogs. I do not understand why.

Because this punishment of course i lost my earning from adsense to pay my bill, yeah bro, i am a full time blogger and earn about 100 dollar per month from this blog. That number is enough to me in indonesia for buy food and pay the internet bill also the electricity. But all has gone :(

Monday, May 9, 2016

De index because something I didn't do

Someone hates you, or perhaps your competitor will easy to destroy you using spam, they only need to send huge of referral spam and put your backlink in bad website then call the google bot to kill your website, you build your website for years and google will not see this, they re only believe that their bots will not make any mistake.

If you have bad english, it also can kick your website from SERP. 5 of my website has been de-endexed for something i do not understand, they told me that my website is a "pure spam", what is that mean? I have never using software to cloak my website, in fact all of my website are based in blogspot which is google has it. How can my websites is an automated generated content or scrapper? Can they see it?

Well this is not fair, while we still can easy to see tons of real scrapper website begin huge and huge dominating the SERP and destroy the real manual writing website, those scrapper website just easy to trick google using robot txt and make google bot think that is the real website, the funny thing is google punish your website because those spam website stolen your content, and google bot think you are the thief. And all the time you has been spend to build your website just gone away.

I have send my re-consideration to google staff but no reply, okay, i will leave this domain and perhaps moving to another job, cause how can I hold this while my adsense earning is destroyed by this de-index. I hope one day they can make a robot which can think like a real human so they can make different which is the real website and the spam website.

Google still a big competition, the bad thing is you are facing the robot who can not think like a human, it just easy to kick you from SERP and serves the user to display the scrapper content website, once again, the thief is win and the real web is destroyed. Congratulation google.